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Hello & welcome to Playtime, my new weekly digest. My name is Denise Holmes and I am a children’s illustrator, picture book maker and adjunct professor at Columbia College Chicago. This is my little space on the internet for me to play and share with you and for you to support me directly. I’m happy that you are here!

Playtime is in its infancy and it’s evolving, but it’s an invitation to learn what inspires my work and teaching. I have no playground rules, except to read and enjoy. I wouldn’t mind it, if you left comments and be part of the community. Your inbox will be filled with: behind the scenes, work in progress, drawing exercises, books I love, artists I admire, and workshop announcements.

Playtime will be a free subscription newsletter, but there will also be a paid subscription option in the future. I’m working through it and you’ll be notified about what the paid details are when it starts. Substack feels like the right place for me to be and, my dear friend, if you are a creative and you have a newsletter on here, please share it with me. This is an amazing place to share our thoughts and work and not be dragged down by algorithms and likes (ahem, I’m talking to you Instagram).

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Denise Holmes
illustrator + picture book maker